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Which Level Service Provider Is Right For Me?


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Which Level Service Provider Is Right For Me?

Feb 14, 2023

Which level service provider is right for you...

We want your exceed your expectations on your visit. For this reason, we have a pricing structure that reflects our service providers’ advanced education, experience level within our salon and demand on time. Each of our artists in our hair department have experience in Redken, Kerastase and our cutting and color systems and diligently uphold the standard for each level so that each service is of the utmost quality.

In our Nail Department

In our Lash & Brow Department

Master Artist Level 5 & 6

Our highest level, a Master Stylist is a service provider with exceptional skill at their craft and passionate about continuing education. With years of experience, extensive training, and many thousands of hours behind the salon chair, they are truly the best-of-the-best. These artists often coach and work with our fresh talent.

They are phenomenal communicators who are going to deliver advanced hair cutting and coloring techniques that are custom to each guest. They're exceptional professionals who inspire their teammates, and empower their guests to embrace their authenticity!

Designer Artist Level 3 & 4

These well-educated and accomplished professionals typically have five or more years of experience. Designer Level Service Providers have met our requirements for specific, advanced cutting and color classes, and have proven their expertise and proficiency. Their commitment to ongoing education keeps them at the forefront of new techniques and trends.

They areestablished, respected, and carry a reputation for excellencethat has earned them this title. With years of advanced education and higher demand for their services, there isn't much a Level 4 Service Provider hasn't handled in his or her craft.

· Creative Artist Level 1 & 2

These talented artists are carefully chosen for their technical skills and professionalism. Creative Artist Service Providers have successfully shown commitment to our Brand Partners & Elayne James Salon’s point of difference and advanced trainings. Advanced education is a constant theme as these service providers continue to be their best.They are competent in foundational cutting, styling and coloring services, and they often collaborate with our Designer/Master Level Service Providers for more advanced services. Level 1 Service Providershave a minimum of 1 year of experience, and are working on building their confidence as they sharpen their skills and evolve in their craft.

Studio Level Service Providers

These service providers are in the advanced phase of our Training Program and are well versed in the knowledge of Redken cutting and color. They are still building their professional books therefore, availability may be more open than that of a veteran artist. Our Studio Service Providers have all graduated from top cosmetology programs and continue their education in salon and withinour Education Team.

New Talent Apprentices

There aresalon guests are looking for excellent service and style while staying within a specific beauty budget. While our New Talent Service Providers are gaining the experience they need to grow, you will receive upscale salon service at a smaller cost than our more experienced artists. We invite you to refer people you know to our eager New Talent Apprentices as they continue to develop their skills and reach their full potential.

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