What Did Your Bun Ever Do To You?

What Did Your Bun Ever Do To You?


Don’t get us wrong, everyone needs to throw their hair up in a bun here and there, but do you ever think about how this truly affects the health of our hair?  




Although wearing a messy bun in ourleisure time may seem easy, a simple switch can make ALL the difference. Even thought we might not realize it; buns are one of the leading causes of physical breakage in our hair. Without us even noticing, they put so much stress on our hair line while breaking off the ends of our hair that get tangled in the process of creating a messy bun. When are hair is DRY, these effects are amplified even more can cause even more damage!  



SCRUNCHIES are the easiest replacement on the market. They are known and popularized by their ability to create a cute style that puts little to no stress on the hair. It is also increasingly more difficult for our hair to tangle around the larger surface area that scrunchies have to offer. 


CLIPS are truly a hairstylist’s best friend! We use them for everything, but they are especially good at protecting the health of our hair. There are so many trendy looks that can be created with clips thanks to the wide variety of shapes and styles.  


BRAIDS have always been there for us but have so many more benefits than we realize. Heatless styling is all the rage in our industry and braids have so many options on how they can be used. Dress them up or down with almost any hair accessory and protect your hair while doing it.