What to do when hair won't grow....

What to do when hair won't grow....

The best way to help your hair maintain length may not be what you are doing!



The best way to help your hair grow longer or keep ends healthy is to focus on a combination of internal and external factors. That means paying close attention to the products you're integrating into your haircare regimen and it means getting regular haircuts to keep your hair in it's healthiest condition. Even if its an eigthth of an inch from the ends, it's cleaning up the hair strands to avoid split ends traveling upwards and causing breakage! Split ends grow UP!

Are you struggling to achieve your ideal hair length? Are your ends looking extra frazzled? Our stylists recommend Redken's Extreme Length haircare system as the best regimen for your hair right now.

The system helps to fortify and strengthen hair for 81% less breakage. With Biotin as a key ingredient, Extreme Lengths strengthens your hair from root to tip and can help your hair grow longer and stronger. 

Regular trims are important --to get rid of those split & frazzled ends.

Our stylists recommend to treat your hair by split-end trimming every 9 weeks and receiving a professional treatment at each visit. Treatments repair the environmental and mechanical damage to hair. One of the most common causes of damaged ends and hair that won't grow is heat styling. If you frequently flat iron, curl, or blow dry your hair it will become weakened and damaged. Try to make sure to use a heat protectant product such as Redken's Iron Shape 11 every time you use heat tools.