Fall 2021 Hair Trends!

Fall 2021 Hair Trends!

2021 has launched some hot new looks and reignited our passion for some throwbacks all in the same year! Take a look at what's trending as this year rounds the corner into colder months...

A perfect transition from this summer's Curtain Bang, these flirty face-framing fringes are an ode to another time, but brought to the 21st century!



Long hair is always a beauty staple, but even more so in 2021! This model has a combination of Babe Hair Extensions and a a blonde Balayage for a show-stopping look!

Feel hot and fresh this season by adding a little spice to your look! Cinnamon pieces are a natural warm accent to blondes, brunettes & more!

Embrace your boldness this fall with an all-over fiery copper look!


Fall and winter are traditionally about going dark when it comes to hair color! 2021 hair is all about personality and adding a Burgandy Balayage is the way to go when you're looking when you want to add a little flare to your hair!


Introducing... the Wolf Cut! 2021's take on the shag. This cut took over TikTok earlier this year and is slowly making it's way to the rest of the country as it catches on. Featuring a lot of shaggy, wavy layers, you're going to feel cool as heck this year rocking this hot haircut!


Silver accents aren't just for jewelry anymore! Immerse yourself in your own winter wonderland this year with this icy, impactful color story!


Pixie cuts aren't just for Tinkerbell! Don't fear the shears this year when you're looking for a drastic change, it can be just what you're looking for!



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