Choosing Hand Tied Extensions For Your Look

Choosing Hand Tied Extensions For Your Look

Why extensions?

Hair extensions make your hairstyle extremely flexible, so you can move away from your ordinary style and try something different. There are plenty of benefits that make hair extensions the perfect choice for your style.

Extensions enhance your hairstyle in many different ways. While it’s easy to think of extensions as something that adds length to short hair, there are other ways that extensions enhance your style. They add volume to thin hair so you can experiment with more voluminous, glamourous styles. They add color for added dimension if you want different shades without the commitment to coloring your natural hair. And of course, they add plenty of length, so if you normally wear your short to mid-length, you can have a new, long hairstyle!  If you’re working on growing your hair long, they can give you the instant look you want while you’re still growing your own natural locks.


Our Hair Extensions Brands are professional-grade quality, so you get a gorgeous style with silky-soft hair and a seamless result. You’ll be the talk of the town with your stunning, glamourous new look!

Long-lasting. Our Brand Prefered hand-tied hair extensions last up to a year, so you get the benefit of investing in gorgeous, beautiful hair that lasts.

Feels great. Our guests who experience hand-tied extensions tell us that they feel very nice, are easy to care for and look fantastic!

Professional quality: Elayne James, along with our extension brand partners, offer an extension warranty for 6 months on hair when you utilize our Hair Extension Care Kit and follow the recommended advice of our extension experts.

Variety:. With so much variety, you can get the precise look you want. With over 25 color selections available from rooted, ash blonde and deep brunette to fashion colors, there is a color for everyone!

Extensions are an Investment range from $200-$1500 (based on 20 sets, and 2 $299 maintenance packages for 6 months of wear). Think about it - for the longevity of a look and wear of hair - it's just  $6.25 per day cost!!


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Benefits of purchasing extensions from your Salon: 

            Flat Shipping Cost.  Guaranteed 100%  Matching Color Experience. Personalized Help Styling & Applying/Custom Fit. We Offer A Convenience Maintenance Package.  With extension purchases (clipins/crowns/fall) cut, style & first time application is complimentary