Brows For Our Beauties

Brows For Our Beauties

Our Brow Experts Have Expanded Their Services.

Brow Lovers Will Run In For Our New Ultimate Brow Experience featuring new Brow Lamination Services.

If you have:
Brow Hair growing in different directions
Wavy or unruly Brow Hair
Brow Shape Envy requiring more than 1 minute of a Brow Routine each morning

Waterproof brow gels and pencils can keep your arches full and intact throughout all your daily activities. However, if you're looking to keep your brows on point for days and days, you should consider brow lamination (and, dare we say, it's changing the brow game for the better)!
It’s providing you months & months of fabulous Brows! Brow Lamination ensures your brow shape lasts! The only maintenance you’ll need is a brow wax visit every 4+ weeks.


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Ultimate Brow Experience: 3 Shaping Visits, 1 Brow Tint & 1 Brow Lamination service - $99
Brow Lamination Single Experience: $59 (1 hour time)