Beach Days! And Why Buildup is Bad

Beach Days! And Why Buildup is Bad

The sand between your toes, the sun in your eyes... and the pollution residue in your hair!


Introducing... Redken Refresh & Go!

Exclusively at Elayne James Salon & Hair Color Studio

Shaking off the last bits of chill from spring, the weather is getting nicer by the day! (Let's ignore the cold front from Memorial Day weekend and call that a fluke!) The weather is perfect for getting out in the yard, laying on the beach, and swimming in the pool. It's like a spa day for the mind... but your hair deserves one too! 

Fight premature breakage & buildup with this CUSTOM combo deal exlcusively from Elayne James Salon & Hair Color Studio! Bring home a Redken Cleansing Cream Shampoo and Dry Shampoo for the best summer hair of your life, all for ONLY $30!

But... why?

You might say. Why am I worried about this? Well, let me tell you. Both of these aftercare items have amazing benefits that I'd love to share with you! Mineral buildup is a hidden danger in the world of hair. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium in your water create a film on your hair, making it difficult for moisture to penetrate! This leaves your hair looking dry and brittle, and prone to breakage and split ends.



1. Blowouts Last Longer

Starting with the tame here, specifically taming your tresses into a beautiful, blown out style. Dry shampoo will assist you in maintaining this style better, for longer, and stretching that hard-earned money you spent on your service!

2. Removes Buildup & Purifies Hair

This one is a biggie! Mineral buildup in your hair is a year-round issue, but none moreso than the summertime! Salt, copper, iron, & magnesium belong on the periodic table, not in your hair. 

3. Saves on Time

Trying to hop out of work and onto the beach? Rushing out the door? Dry shampoo time! Get that shiny, refreshed look in 0.5 seconds as your jet to your next destination.

4. Strengthens Hair Cuticle

Color-treated hair? Bleached hair? Even better! Redken Cleansing Cream Shampoo revitalizes your hair cuticle, helping prevent breakage and adding moisture as well.

5. Preventing Color Fade

Vibrant, whimsical colors have been all-the-rage the last few years in the hair scene, and one of the biggest issues we face is: FADING! Preserve your custom color better, for longer, with Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo!

And there you have it: our salon-exclusive Redken Refresh & Go Combo Kit! Remember, only at EJS!



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Written by Yours Truly,
Dean Stirling
Digital Marketing Expert
Elayne James Salon & Hair Color Studio