Elayne James' New SAVVY Beauty Membership Movement

Elayne James' New SAVVY Beauty Membership Movement

We are so excited to share our love of beauty with you in our newest addition to our Virtual Store: 

The Elayne James SAVVY Membership Box



Products are ESSENTIAL in the creation of a luxurious beauty routine. Our mission is to help you simplify the cost of finding these perfect products. 


What is the SAVVY Membership Box?

The EJS SAVVY Box is a subscription based service that will allow our members to experience our favorite products of the season, for a lot less!


Who is the SAVVY  Membership Box for?

At Elayne James, we recognize the diversity of beauty enthusiasts. It is with this in mind, that we have to put together a collection of products and accessories that will you to immerse and to indulge for less in the season.


How often will they ship out?

We will bring a new collection to you every 6 weeks that coincides with seasonal trends as well as product launches from our favorite companies. For Only $24.50 a month your saving $300+ a year!


What's included in a SAVVY Membership Box? 

 14 items is our magic number for only $24.50 a month (it's $150 value)!  Full Size items, lots of TRY ME sizes, and boutique accessories! Our goal is to bring you a collection of the season's essential beauty items every time you receive your SAVVY Box.  Currently, we are showcasing brands featured in our store in a multitude of sizes. 


Why Choose A Local Membership Box ?

Becoming a member of the Elayne James SAVVY Beauty community allows you to try new products we know you'll love! It also allows our local salon professionals, who recommend these to help you explore a wider range of products.  





How do I get started with  SAVVY membership?

Get Your First Box Today for $5 Off with Code 5OFF

Tap here & see more of what's inside!