Are You Ready to feel Fall Fabulous?

Are You Ready to feel Fall Fabulous?



Have you made your seasonal hair transformation? If the answer is a resounding "no!" then we're here to help! Schedule your transformation within the next couple weeks and the following will be your week-by-week guide to color and style maintenence.


Are You Ready?

With the holidays swiftly on their way and so much else to worry about from dinners to costumes to presents, have you made time... for you?

Well don't worry, we've made the time and we can't wait to see you! We're here to help you plan out your holiday hair (and more! Ask us about hair extensions, lash extensions, lip plumping, makeup services, dermaplanning, customizable treatments) so that you're looking fresh right when you need it!



Your Color Insurance Plan

 It's a new season , waiting too long makes your hair transformation a longer, more expensive process.

Going dark for the winter? Trying Balayage for the first time? It's a new season, waiting too long makes your hair transformation a longer, more expensive process! Be sure to call soon and schedule within the next couple weeks to stay on track with your Color Insurance!

Most of us plan our salon visits accordingly, though we stay silent when our color is worn and do the dreaded "wait" until our reservation. This happens because you aren't following the right schedule for Color Insurance! You experience this wearing of color especially if you're extending your salon visits more than 8 weeks.

Having a Color Insurance Plan helps your stylist keep your hair on track for any seasonal changes you might like! It also keeps your salon visits on the shorter side as there is less banding from color applications, less damage and less fading!

For further questions, please call 302-376-5290 and speak to our Guest Services Department.

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