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Creative Artist

Meet Lili: Master of Hair Artistry
Lili is not just your average hairstylist; she's a true master of her craft with a passion for creating stunning transformations. With four years of experience in the industry, Lili has honed her skills to perfection, leaving a trail of satisfied clients in her wake.
Lili's journey into the world of beauty began when she graduated from the prestigious Hodgson Cosmetology Program, setting the stage for her remarkable career. However, her quest for excellence didn't stop there. She went on to complete the Elayne James Associate Stylist Masters Program, further elevating her expertise and artistry in the world of hairstyling.
One of Lili's standout achievements is her certification as a Blonding Master through the esteemed Masters of Balayage program. Her love for all things blonding, including balayage and lived-in color, is palpable in her work. Lili is known for her ability to create the perfect shade of blonde to complement each client's unique features and personality.
But Lili's talents extend beyond traditional hairstyling. She's a vivids and fashion color aficionado, turning heads with her bold and creative color creations. Her clients often leave her chair with vibrant, head-turning hair that reflects their individuality.
In November 2023, Lili achieved the prestigious title of Certified Bellami Master Extensions Specialist. This certification solidifies her expertise in the art of hair extensions, allowing her to seamlessly blend and transform hair for those seeking volume, length, or both.
Outside of the salon, Lili has a few more facets to her personality. Her favorite holiday is Christmas, and she brings that same warmth and cheer to her clients year-round. Her love for indie music resonates with those who share her musical tastes, creating a harmonious connection beyond just hairstyling.
Notably, Lili is more than just a hairstylist—she's a Competition Cheer Level 5 World Champion. Her dedication to excellence and the pursuit of perfection is evident not only in her hairstyling but in her athleticism as well. This competitive spirit infuses her work with energy and determination, ensuring that every client leaves her chair feeling like a champion.
In summary, Lili is a hairstyling virtuoso with a heart full of passion for her craft. With a solid foundation in education and a plethora of certifications to her name, she's not just a hairstylist; she's an artist who can turn your hair dreams into reality. Whether you're seeking the perfect blonde, a vivacious fashion color, or a stunning hair extension transformation, Lili is the expert you can trust to make it happen.

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