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All prices listed below are a'la'carte for you to choose the services that fit your needs best. Please note that the color services listed do not include a haircut or style.


  • LASH LIFT & TINT COMBO $95 starting price

  • DEMI SET LASHES starting at $49

    An Intro Lash Service. Perfect if you'd like to try lash extensions with less committment. A Demi set provides 50% lash coverage.
    When you try a Demi Set you can upgrade to a full set within 7 days and receive a $49 credit towards your new full set of classic, hybrid or volume sets.

  • CLASSIC LASH FULL SET starting at $201.50

    An enhanced natural look! We suggest lash maintenance every two to three weeks to maintain a full look.

  • CLASSIC LASH FILL starting at $63.75

    2 week fill - $63.75* (30-50% lash replacement)
    3 week fill - $83.50* (50-70% lash replacement)
    Save with a 3 months of Lashes Package - Buy 5 get the 6th visit free!
    Find your perfect fill plus extend the care of your lashes with our custom lash care kit.

  • HYBRID FULL SET (Classic & Volume Blend) starting at $237.50

    A beautiful blend of lashes between classic and volume. This lashing service adds volume fans in for a customized look.

  • HYBRID LASH FILL (Classic & Volume Blend) starting at $70.75

    50% of lashes are enhanced with a classic lash look and 50% are enhanced with volume fans.

  • VOLUME LASH FULL SET starting at $273.50

    Maximum amount of density and fullness, without heaviness. Customized length and thickness of lash. 100% coverage of lashes with lash fans providing 200-250 lashes on each lash line.

  • VOLUME LASH FILLS starting at $82.50

    Maintain your lash look with the length of time that fits your lash cycle.
    2 week fill - $82.50* (30-50% lash replacement).
    3 week fill - $106.75*. (50-70% lash replacement)
    *Extend the life of your lashes with our custom lash care kits*

  • MEGA VOLUME FULL SET *prices are based on level*

    Drama to the Xtreme! The maximum amount of density & fullness brought to the next level. Lash fans are created using between 8 and 16 extensions per fan. For comparison, Volume lash fans are created use 2 to 5 extensions per fan.

  • MEGA VOLUME LASH FILL *prices are based on level*

  • CORRECTIVE LASHING Consultation Required

    We dive DEEP into symmetry, balance, mapping the face to find how to adjust any inconsistencies between eyes.