Hair Extensions

  Add Length or Volume!  Our options present a wealth of new possibilities. We Offer Clip Ins, Crowns, Top-Pieces and Micro-lines Permanent Volume Pieces.  

You Will Receive Extension Services With A Certified Technician at Our Company.  Schedule a Complimentary Consultation Today!



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Application Price Per Hour is based on level of service provider. Consultations are required for extension services and custom blending of extensions to natural hair.
Get the best of the I-Tip and Tape-In methods in one double-duty extension! These babies lay flat and smooth, just like Tape-Ins, but install with the adhesive-free beads and the 360 degree movement of I-Tips. The natural look and comfortable feel works perfectly for seasoned hair extension-wearers and newbie clients alike!
This revolutionary method installs in as little as 45 minutes, so you’ll be looking fabulous in no time. And because it’s so speedy, it will save you precious time and money. The medical grade adhesive is designed for hair, so with proper care, tape won’t weaken until you’re ready to remove it with the help of our trusty Tape-In Bond Remover
In this technique, micro-links are used to create the tracks in lieu of sewing in the wefts. No braids, no glue, no mess, and no damage to your hair. Lasts up to 3 months.


Extensions for the more discerning…..

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The proven method for hair loss and thin hair. The MicroLines System is ideally suited to replenish natural volume on top of the head for people who have thin hair or even advanced hair loss. Micro-fine, virtually invisible special threads, so-called „MicroLines“, which have high-grade human hair attached to them, are worked into existing hair. The hair is matched in terms of color, structure and length, and can be unobtrusively integrated into the your own hair. The result is absolutely natural and voluminous hair, which blends into the clients own hair perfectly. The MicroLines System is attached permanently and can be worn for many months. The additional hair can be worn like one’s own – even when swimming, going to a sauna, riding in a convertible etc. As opposed to hair pieces, MicroLines don’t require any limitations to one’s normal lifestyle. 

The MicroLines System is perfectly adapted to each individuals hair situation. Custom solutions are available even for special hair problems such as bald spots. Price & Service is Per Consultation with one of our Certified Stylists.