When you share beauty to Elayne James Salon & HairColor Studio, you share love. We offer many gift options for everyone. Instantly send your gift electronically, print out, or pick up in our store. When you send an email gift certificate, it’ll arrive in their inbox in seconds. Then your lucky friend can indulge in a beautiful experience.



Please call to order 302-376-5290 over the phone. Order online for an Instant E-Gift Certificate. 

How do I get the Bonus Gift Card?
Your gift card purchase alerts our guest services team to process the bonus gift cards during our gift card sale seasons.  A separate email will be sent for your additional bonus gift. 

I want to send an amount not shown?
Easy! Simply purchase a combined set of gift cards to equal the total amount of your gift! Or call our guest service team to purchase over the phone.

I would like an actual gift certificate mailed to myself or the recipient.
Ok! Simply give us a call or send an email to with your request and we will be happy to mail one out!

What if the recipient looses the gift card?
Not a problem! Gift card purchases are stored on the guest's file, if lost we will have an electronic one!

Bonus Gifts on qualifying gift card purchases online will  be available for pickup and added to the gift card balance.
Gift Giving Is Easy Year Round.....

(uh oh, sometimes the e-gifts get stuck in the spam box. for best results, we suggest to notify the person that you are sending this awesome gift)