Live. Love. Earn- That's our Motto. If your visiting this page, we already know you have a passion for beauty, and a desire to be the best at what you do. We've been waiting for you!

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Individual healthcare plans. AFLAC. Up to 11 days vacation pay. Individual Education Fund. Great Bonuses & Incentives. Career Coaching for personal and professional development & monthly staff meetings to keep you informed at all times.

Business Building Opportunity

A comprehensive advertising and marketing strategy led by the Director of Marketing to attract clients to the salons on a daily basis; Tremendous opportunity to build clientele through our generous referral program. Training unlike any other. We are committed to your success. Our Team = Our Family.

Earning Potential

Earn what you deserve. We offer a clear-cut path to provide you with the earnings you desire. Commissions, Bonuses, Education Pay & Vacation - are all part of what makes a difference at Elayne James Salon & Spa.


Guest Services & Salon Coordinator Positions

Do you love Serving others? Do you have a passion for the beauty industry? Apply Today!


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